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Why vacation in Cape Town?

Cape Town, South Africa is located at the bottom of Africa and it is one of the most south placed cities closest to  Antarctica but do not worry, the weather reaches a very warm 30° Celsius on an average hot summers day. The air is a lot dryer here and the sun seems to toast foreigners with light skin to all variants from pink to a very bright red, even on overcast winter days so always remember your sunscreen and hat.

Our coast is covered in restaurants where you can watch the sunset, we even have restaurants where you sit in the sand and if manage to get a front row seat, you sit about two meters away from the crashing waves. Due to our colder winters these restaurants tend to be seasonal and close for a few months in between. The peak summer months are October to about April, when you can feel the nip in the air starting again. But it does not matter what time of the year that you come, the city remains one of the most beautiful in the world and there are always things to do. Besides in winter you will find it easier to get reservations at restaurants and it will also be easier to book accommodation.

I have had so many people tell me, when they come home from visiting other countries, that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and now they appreciate home so much more. Our city is boarded by mountain and ocean. Everywhere you look there is something to see and thanks to just these two beautiful settings, it gives us so much to do in nature.

South Africa is rare, our mountains provide an ideal climbing environment for beginners and advanced climbers. If you just head over to Table Mountain, for example, there are a multitude of different routes varying in difficulty and if you are afraid there are guides that can assist you in making it safely up and down or you could just take the cable car. That is a view that you will never forget. There is also abseiling the side of Table Mountain, it is a few hundred meters, and then you can either keep hiking the rest of the way down or head back up to take an easier route down or the cable car is always an option. Other options are paragliding of off signal hill or there are different types of zip lining that you can do.  With the ocean bordering us on the other side, it opens up an entire list of things to do. You can learn how to surf in Muizenberg, stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving as we have rare reefs, there is also wind surfing and kite surfing, kayaking where a lot of the time you get to see the wild life and you get a good workout at the same time and the list goes on. We also have all the different animals that you can visit like penguins at Boulders Beach, Seals in Hout Bay or Seal Island, the whales at Hermanus during whale season, sea bird watching, Shark cage diving or you can just head to the Aquarium if you are not the adventurous type. We do ask that you find the most ethical companies to adventure with.

Another very famous “adventure” that you can go and do that requires the use of our mountains is wine tasting. We have so many options of wine farms or even champagne tasting. If you decide to go all out, we do suggest going with a touring company because firstly, you will have a driver so you do not have to worry about intoxication and the touring company will know some amazing farms to visit.

What is in between the mountains and the ocean? Let us continue with nature first. We have diverse and unique fauna and flora. You can go see our unique flora at Kirstenbosch along with our national flower, the Protea. We also have forests that you can visit. With regards to our fauna, you can go on a safari or we have different parks, such as Butterfly world, lion parks, The Ostrich Farm, The Elephant Sanctuary but again here we emphasize for you to please find the most ethical companies to support.

For those things not related to our incredible natural surroundings, we have one of the most diverse populations. With every diverse community is another culture to celebrate and experience, do not forget about the food that comes with each experience. There could be two completely different cultural restaurants next door to each other or if you decide to do some driving around you can see the communities yourself but during this experience we encourage you to be vigilant and take extra safety precautions.

If we are going to talk about food and South Africa then we have to mention the famous braai. This can be a coal based or a wood based fire that once the coals start to cool, the food of your choosing whether they are veggies, meat or fish, are cooked on a grid were the food gets direct heat which creates texture and flavor. When cooking in a wood based fire it adds even more flavor to your food. There are restaurants that do the braaing for you; there is even a gourmet restaurant version.

Money always makes a difference to what you can do. Unfortunately for South Africans the pandemic caused major issues for our already unstable economic structure but lucky for anyone coming to visit this has opened it up being so much more worth your while to visit this extraordinary place.

As South Africans, we are ready to welcome you with open arms, bru.

image: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/table-mountain-scenery-hdr_606397.htm#page=1&query=cape%20town&position=43


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