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Covid-19 and how this time can benefit us.

Most of us have an understandably negative perception of the reality that is Covid-19 along with the upsetting rumours of how it all started. We are not going to tell you the things you already know like the symptoms of the virus but we are rather going to share the positive side of it all. The most obvious positive side effect is that we have all, at some point, wished that the weekend was a little bit longer. Wish granted! With that comes a whole lot more time to spend with your family. Remember this is going to be historic, your kids, siblings or parents will remember this period and their experience of it for a very long time. Are you making the most of this time with them? Are you taking advantage of the possibilities to mend relationships? Are you doing things as a team? You have the time to make boring mundane things fun. Let us look at housework. Have you ever tried tag teaming? Every family member that is of a responsible age and capable of doing their part needs to get involved for this one. You know those workout circuits where you have one minute and then you need to move to the next station… station 1: ironing, station 2: dishes, station 3: vacuum cleaner/mop, station 4: windows, station 5: pool, station 6: dog poop… if you have that many family members in your house; but some things only need to be done every three days or once a week therefore you can alternate. But do not forget to include a fun day! Cooking can be done in this way too. You can swap every 5-10 minutes so no one gets bored and see what you end up with, you can either choose to make a cohesive dish and communicate or you can decide that you are not allowed to tell the other person what to do so that everyone gets to add their own idea to the dish. The second positive side effect is something that takes a lot of time to master but we have been forced to do it immediately and that is self awareness. Do not touch your face is one tough instruction to abide by, but it makes you realise that you can create self awareness and self control. We could take this a bit further. There are many ways to become self aware but I believe the most common used technique is meditation. You can do a meditation focused on breathing, there are options of watching a flaming object like a candle, and there are also guided meditations on applications that you can download on your phone. There are so many more options but the point of this is that these allow you to pay attention to your own body and mind. Human nature is to judge everyone else, maybe it is time to remove that judgment of everyone else and focus that attention to self. Instead of judgment, a lot of us have moved to awareness of others to prevent ourselves from getting sick and to prevent others from catching this virus. As much as we do things for our own safety, we do it for others. We can disinfect our bank card before handing it over, we can allow the elderly to do what they have to first as they are higher risk, we can be smart about out instinctive actions and adjust them according to what works for you ,and importantly please provide patience to all as we are all working towards one goal. We are one big world-wide team. Another big topic which has been on the forefront of a lot of actions over the past few years is global warming. Us not being able to drive around and a lot of the factories being closed has allowed for nature to recover a bit. Why would we want to take any steps backwards? The production of clothing uses a lot of water and often a lot of chemicals are used. So if we can, we need to make masks at home, we need to find ways to reuse clothing, even if it is just as a rag but there are so many ways to create something new out of something old. If you do this, you should be so proud. Second hand clothing and hand me downs have never been seen as such a positive topic before. There are some great finds in these types of stores or at the bottom of your mother’s or father’s closet. Everything comes back into fashion. Kindness and giving has also become a necessity to those who cannot survive without the generosity of others. This time has brought the world together. It has made us appreciate the small things. It has made us realise what is worth it and what is not. It has made us realise what an amazing thing it is to be a human being, to see what we are capable of once a lot of what we think our identity is has been stripped away. Compassion, love for those we do not know, patience and understanding, kindness and giving just to list a few. People have died and many still will but as bad as this virus is for the world, it might just bring us together too, to save our planet and all that exists on it by reminding us what we have and to appreciate it. I hope these side effects spread through the world like wildfire because we are the only ones that can save us, and COVID-19 might just be the start to a better place. Take care, take precaution and walk out of lock down better than you walked in. This is the time for extraordinary growth.

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